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Reliability Overseas

EuroGate Partners is uniquely positioned as a firm that facilitates cross-border investments between US Venture Capital firms and institutions and top private technology European companies. Our team’s expertise in company valuation, international M&A operations, alongside our network of international professionals, allows us to access investment opportunities exclusively from EU’s top venture capital firms.

Diligence and Corporate Governance

EGP goes through a rigorous diligence process with every new client due to structuring and corporate governance being a key aspect  in completing an expansion round of financing.   Prior to conducting a capital raise process, EGP ensures that all stakeholders are aligned and that the management team is ready to take on US based capital.

After deal monitoring

We believe in the companies we work with, we believe in their people and their mission becomes part of our own identity. EGP offers startups and investors continuing support to ensure that the startup and investment is successful.