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Discover value services for top EU tech startups

Investment Opportunity

EuroGate engages in cross-border investments between top tier US venture capital firms and top tier Seed & Series A  European technology companies that have the capacity to grow and scale internationally.

Venture partnership

EuroGate Partners co-invests in a distinctively selected portfolio of worthy projects.  These investment opportunities are placed through our network of limited partners in Europe and the United States.

International Services

We work with you in drafting an international expansion plan that includes a deep dive into legal, administrative and fiscal considerations that will allow you to expand, includes concerns both the investment structure and an eventual corporate relocation to a new U.S destination. Issues considered include immigration law issues, employee contracts, premises rent or leasing contracts, international fiscal optimizations.

Value services for startups

Intros to top tier US Venture capital institutions

EGP facilitates investment between top seed & Series A EU startups and top tier US venture capital firms in consideration of industry sector and stage of company.

International tax and legal due diligence guidance

EGP legal team experts will review carefully the overall legal and fiscal status of a startup prior to its expansion in order to better analyze company’s valuation and advise it during its expansion. Due diligence may involve IP, patents, copyrights, licenses, trademarks (issued and pending), insurance, employee legal statuses, litigation diligence, and taxes and/or financial.

Business plan review and growth plan co-production

EGP works in close contact with founders in order to vet business plans and check core assumptions ahead of capital raise process.

Key geo-localized hires

Relocating requires the help of a new range of team members and advisors. EGP helps startups find and hire key team members that will help the company expand internationally.

US branch establishment

As part of the internationalization process, a startup may require the opening of offices in new jurisdiction. EGP serves as a partner in helping with the establishment of new offices and the legal and administrative paperwork associated.